Friday, March 4, 2011

My Furry Four Footed Friends

Mattie (aka Miss Piggy)

A miniature long haired dachshund, Mattie is always happy and always hungry. She's the oldest of the pack. All the other pets adore her. The cats even try to groom her. We call her "Miss Piggy" because not only is she always hungry and looking for food, but she actually grunts like a pig.

Daisy (aka The Doodle Bug)

Daisy is our first cat. We had her for a few months before we realized she can't hear a thing, she's completely deaf (we thought she just had an attitude). We have learned to communicate, she knocks on the window when she wants to come in and we flash the outside light at night to call for her.

Shaba (aka Shaba Doo) 

Our black Labrador mix. She's the biggest of the pack and the most gentle. She loves to lay on the sofa, the whole sofa, and chase squirrels. Shaba doesn't like to share her toys and she hates getting her nails clipped.

Jasper (aka Little Man)

He is the only male of the pack and that's how he likes it . Jasper is our newest addition. Everyone except Daisy loves him (she is slowly coming around). He loves to play with his toys and nap on the bed. Jasper wants to be a Shaba when he grows up.

These are probably as close to "Farm" animals as I am ever going to have. I wanted to introduce them because they seem to like to get into our home photos. They sit on the furniture and sleep in our beds. My windows have nose prints, my floors have foot prints and my furniture has pet hair. This place would not be home without them.

***Please check out Debbie Doos Pet Party to see more furry friends***


  1. Such sweet furbabies! I have one named Bonnie, a Westie, and she is the love of my life!!! :D

  2. Awwwe, adorable! I "babysit" a doxie almost daily and love the breed...Miss. ginger is hungry all the time too, and funny. she'd be a fat little sausage if she had her way!
    Love how they are all buds...sweet!
    xo J~

  3. I love all of your furbabies! I have two doxies and a doxie mix. Our house is like yours, they sleep eat and lay wherever, and I wouldn't have it any other way.I am now following.

  4. You have quite the crew there. They sure look at home! Beautiful pets with such personality. Thanks for sharing. Please add my link. thanks!~

  5. they are all beautiful! what's the thing with pet's hair? it's called 'the secret ingredient', makes every food taste better! :)

  6. What sweet babies you have. They've taken over your bedroom and they look so comfy! Visiting you from the pet party!

  7. My home wouldn't be home without our pets either.

  8. oh I love them all! That's right your home isn't a home with our pets!

  9. I love how they're all snuggled up in the bedroom! I agree that my home wouldn't be a home without my dog.

  10. hi everyone this is Beatrice so glad to meet you all this has been fun:)

  11. They all look so cozy on your bed. Darling kids!

    Susie at Puddle Jumper Creations

  12. Every farm needs pets! We are weiners too, but we have short hair, and they call us "dapple". Nice to meet you!
    Love Buddy & Sophie

  13. What lovely fur babies you have! So sweet to see them all napping together.... Miss Piggy must be somewhere nearby.

  14. Your pets are all so sweet. They look so content all snuggled up in your room. I too have many pets and can't imagine not having them.


  15. How sweet, I love your little "farm"! I'm your newest follower- found you at Debbie's party. I'd love it if you stopped over- I'm having a pet portrait give away! If you won who would you pick?!! They are all so cute :)


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