Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More Favorite Designers

If you watch HGTV you probably recognize Sarah Richardson's rooms. My favorite season was the farmhouse update and addition. Sarah likes to use the unexpected and her rooms are always so well put together.

Kathryn Ireland is another designer that loves red. Her rooms reflect her international lifestyle. I like the laid back way she styles her homes and children and pets are always welcome.


  1. I'm with you on Sarah Richardson! I loved her farmhouse and addition. I'm not sure if I know Kathryn Ireland (although I do remember Kathy Ireland, the model...that dates me, I know). Someone who likes kids, pets and red is good by me!

  2. Love the designers you have featured! Great photos! I loved Sarah's shows on the farmhouse. Her newer show is not as good to me. Not liking the format too much. But I do love her style!

  3. DId you buy Kathy Ireland's new book? It is fantastic! I love Sarah's rooms, too (and her show, of course)!


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