Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

The design industry has lost another business. Maine Cottage has closed its doors. This probably doesn't mean much to most of the country, since Maine Cottage only had three stores. But for those of us living in Maine and loving design, Maine Cottage is a familiar design source.

The company was founded in a restored cannery in 1988 by Peter Bass, great grandson of Wilton, Maine shoe maker G.H. Bass, and artist Carol Bass. Maine Cottage is headquartered in Yarmouth, Maine.
Maine Cottage was the first company to offer American Country, Shaker, and Mid Century Modern-inspired painted wood furniture in 40 colors. The idea originated with artist Carol Bass painting and selling "found" pieces. The company then began to design and paint its own line. Since then the company has expanded to include its own wicker and upholstery finished in 200 fabrics. Maine Cottage furniture is principally manufactured in the United States. The company closed February 2011 due to poor economic conditions.
(Source: Wikipedia)

Sorry to see another business close, but this place was seriously over priced (in my opinion). I love that it helped revive the painted furniture concept. Remember, painting furniture has always been a way to update pieces without spending a lot of money.


  1. Beautiful furniture and room designs. I would be said too, if only for being able to walk through for ideas.

  2. I am sad, but I can understand how they went out of business. We own two pieces by that company that we have had for many years. We have the boothby server and a custom made plate rack. The custom piece was less than the ready-made stuff. I agree that their pricing makes no sense. I also bought the pieces eighteen years ago before the prices skyrocketed. I wanted to buy other pieces, but they priced their furniture so high that we could no longer afford to buy it *sadface*


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