Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Model A Chair

In 1927 France the trademark "Tolix" was born, specializing in metal chairs and stools.
The Model A chair was created in 1934- stackable, lightweight, durable and comfortable. The design has remained essentially the same and has become an icon of industrial aesthetics.

I purchased my kitchen chairs a couple of years ago from Pottery Barn. I bought them on line on sale and at first I was looking at the turquoise color. That color sold out before I had a chance to order, so I settled on the white. I am so glad because I love how they look with my enamelware pitchers. Eventually I may add a padded seat cushion (metal can be a little cold in the morning) but I really love how they add a touch of "french" design to the room.
Pottery Barn Image

Tolix furniture is still manufactured in the town of Autun in Burgundy.

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