Friday, February 18, 2011


Making a house into a home is all about comfort. Sure, the sofa may be beautiful but if no one wants to sit on it, what's it good for? This is one reason I like old things so much, they have been broken in.

When we purchased new leather chairs for the living room, I knew that the arms and backs would darken over time. This only adds to the charm. They say leather wears in, not out. I couldn't agree more. We have had these pieces for over ten years and I still love the way they look and feel. Now too much leather in a room could make the room appear cold. Leather is a great addition, but make sure to mix in some fabric upholstery also.

When purchasing new upholstery remember to ask what's underneath.

Hardwood kiln dried frame? 8 way hand tied springs? Top grain leather? Warranties? What are the cushions made of?

Feeling comfortable mentally can be as important as physically!

I could go for any of these pieces above

I know white slipcovers are "in" at the moment and I do like how they look in a room, but do I really want to wash them daily??

This looks very comfy, but what will it look like after your done sitting? (pillows everywhere!)

Does this even look practical??

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