Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Favorite Designers

When I was working as a furniture showroom designer, I needed to be able to accomplish many different looks-Contemporary, Traditional, Country, Southwestern...

Of course I had my own look (that's what this blog is all about) and as I spend more and more time looking at design magazines, books, and blogs I find I can recognize the work of some of my favorite designers.

Lynn Von Kersting
One of my favorites, she owns Indigo Seas a home furniture store specializing in a romantic, world-traveled look. Vintage florals, french antiques, and Moroccan lanterns fill her interiors. Lynn boldly uses lots of red and turquoise (see why I like her?).

Tracy Porter
Tracy actually has a website and blog. I love her whimsical, eclectic style. Chandeliers everywhere (multiple ones in a single room!), with vintage fabrics, animal prints and rich layers of details painted on almost every surface.

What I like most about these designers is their ability to always be true to their own style.

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