Saturday, February 19, 2011


I have a thing for lights-floor lamps, table lamps, chandeliers, wall sconces...We need lighting in our home so why not make it fun.

This is my favorite light fixture, it came from my grandparent's home, I always think of them when I look at it.

This dining room chandelier was a big splurge. I waited almost five years to replace the previous (came with the house) fixture. It's a little over the top, black metal with many crystals (I have a drawer full of crystals I did not attach!) but this is the focal point of the room. Dining rooms should have a little drama since they are used mostly at night. I found this on the Lamps Plus website.
This chandelier came from Lowes and was very reasonably priced. It hangs in my room. I added the striped shades to add a little more color and soften the light.

This is another Lowes find. The sconce is in the half bath. A clear glass light shade came with it, but for very little money, we added the yellow glass.
I have had this small lamp for years. It works in any room. The simple black iron looks vintage and I just change the shade to fit the room (red check shade looks great in my yellow bath).
This floor lamp was another splurge (although I did get an employee discount) I purchased when I was working at a local home store. The shade is silk and the base is made from a vintage mold. 
This floor lamp was only $30. I found it at a local discount store. I love the vintage style and the extra three light fixture. I did add the shade (burlap from Pottery Barn) and yes the shade cost more than the lamp, but all in all a good deal!

Some of the lamps are vintage, most are new. I have had many of them for years. Just change the shades for a new look. Also, my husband installed dimmer switches for the chandeliers (easier to control the ambiance!).

I am still adding more lighting to our home. We have an ugly white ceiling fan in the living room that really needs to be replaced and the den overhead light is very plain and the mudroom's light is on the small side and... It's all a process!

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