Sunday, February 27, 2011

Everything old is new again

As I have mentioned before, I like vintage items. I like that I have items in my home that have been around many years and graced many homes. Vintage items are often one of a kind pieces, you know you probably will not see it in a friends home.

Sometimes I have to stop collecting an item because the prices have gone above my comfort zone. The price of old quilts in great condition have skyrocketed. I love the ones I have, but doubt I'll be adding to the collection.

I also have quite a few new quilts, thanks to my mother in law, that we use every night in the cold months. 

Now I have started to notice a new kind of quilt. I love it when an item from the past makes a comeback in a new and exciting way.

Contemporary Quilts

These new designs would look equally well in a contemporary home or a vintage farmhouse.

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