Friday, August 12, 2011

Vintage Farmhouse Inspiration

I am always looking for's not that I need something new to do (I have a cellar full of furniture in need of revamping) I just tire of the same old, same old. New colors, patterns, and materials always get the creativity flowing...

I found this piece at Lavender Hill Studio...

they specialize in mosaics...I have always saved broken pieces of pottery (just can't seem to throw them out) I just need to find the right piece of furniture

...and this great paint palette comes from  Country Primitive Farmhouse

Pottery Barn is always full of inspiration (but be careful, because many times PB  items have become fads)

this fabric from PB looks like bark cloth and I LOVE bark cloth!

...and then there is always art to be inspired by


**As you can probably see, I'm still playing around with my blog design. I think I've almost finished putting it together, just a couple more tweaks**


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  1. Penny is a wonderful mosaic artist and also has a "flea market makeover" blog as well.


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