Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Embellishing a Wall

I am an artist wanna be! I love artist's homes, with a mish mash of items and spontaneous designs. It always looks thrown together, willy nilly, with beautiful results.

I have a small wall in my bedroom that was screaming for a little attention, so I pulled out my inner artist and began painting...RED! I used some left over furniture paint...bad idea! I must have put on 4 coats or more and still not good coverage, then I decided to use this great pink/red paint for the color, but I ran out of paint...UGH! So it took a couple of days to get more and I left the tape on...not a good idea, because I no longer have straight lines... finally my little artsy wall project is done...kinda.

Sorry about the glare. I still need to do touch up painting and I'm still playing musical tables.

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