Friday, August 19, 2011

Black & White

I love black and white checked floors. They are so vintage and they look fabulous with colorful walls and furnishings...

remodeled kitchen eclectic kitchen

Kathias Home traditional kitchen

real life offices

Brownhouse Design traditional hall

(Images: Houzz & Traditional Home)

The above flooring is from Armstrong, it looks like old fashion linoleum and it's good for the environment!


  1. Black and white floors are so classic and beautiful. They look good anywhere. Great pics.

  2. I love black and white floors too. I have not told my husband but I want the rip up the carpet in my project room and paint the floor in the black and white pattern.

  3. I just love black and white flooring too! My all time favorite is black and white marble set on the diagonal with all the edges in 6 x 12 black tiles. I need to do this somewhere. Having fun catching up on your blog!


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