Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Stairway

We have finally finished the stairs...except I need to do a little touch up painting & staining.

This is the "before"

They use to have carpet (I HATE carpet)!

Hubby did a great job with the wood steps. He had intended on making them with the wood from our property (the light pieces), but  too many issues with warping. I like how he solved the problem, using the left over floor boards from our upstairs and capping the end with the unfinished pieces. I plan on keeping them light and just adding a protective coat (upstairs wood dark, downstairs wood light).

This is my inspiration photo for the wall

(Image: BH&G)

This is the stair wall "before"

I still want to add more black & white family photos, but I am very pleased with the outcome!


  1. Excellent... and I love the idea of using the beadboard on the risers!

  2. Your stairs are so pretty! You must be thrilled with the results. *nice*


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