Sunday, August 7, 2011


I managed to get a little shopping in this week...

I found this white ironstone pitcher to complete my vignette...well maybe not complete, I love the way these look...I may start a new collection...

The poodle is cute, but not why I purchased this...I love the frame!

Same thing with these...great frames, not so great art.

I also found a couple more small things for my art wall. I've slowly been working on this project in my master bathroom...


  1. Oh, you sound like me...3 things make a collection, right? Isn't it fun to have something else on your radar to look for?
    What are the arm and leg hangings to the left of the mirror? They are hanging above a girl and a've got my attention and now I'm curious.

  2. I adore the pitcher. Looks great with the others. Also, love the frames. You had a very successful shopping day.

  3. Great find on the frames! The ballet frames definitely have potential!


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