Saturday, August 20, 2011

Take a Quiz

Do you love those design quiz's, the ones that ask all these far out questions to determine your style?...I do.

I know they are not really very helpful if you need help figuring out what you like, but I take the quiz's to see if they can give me the correct answer. I know what my style is and sometimes the quiz gets it right.

Take these for fun, see if they can get your style right...Style at Home Quiz's

I just took the "What's your celeb decor style?" quiz...and the results are,

You are an ECLECTIC ADVENTURER, like Drew Barrymore ----- A former wild-child, but now super-grounded and super-cool, producer-actor Drew Barrymore, channels a mix-and-match, luxe-boho style in her production office, recently featured in the pages of Domino magazine. Lush velvet and tapestry upholstery fabrics cover antique French Bèrgeres, Asian ceramic stools share floor space with English side tables, and shelves are as likely to hold Polaroids as a vintage record player. “I believe you can combine anything. I feel there are no rules,” says this mix-master in the Domino profile. If you like eclectic design, you believe in mixing items from different design periods and different regions of the world. You probably also have a knack for DIY design and for finding new uses for salvaged objects. TIP: Eclectics often find it easy to work green design into their homes. Let refurbishing, reusing and reclaiming be your mantra.

They sure got this one right!

Unfortunately Domino Magazine is no more so I couldn't find many images of Drew's office, but I did find plenty of eclectic design images...

Images: BH&G


  1. I love several of these, and NOT others! But I'm pretty simple and it seems the older I get the more simple I've become! Love the Hydranga's, and citrus bowl the best. Thanks for sharing..

  2. The dining room with the oil paintings and mid century Eiffel chairs is my very favorite of these photos!


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