Monday, August 15, 2011

This & That

This weekend I decided to get a few smaller projects done around the house...

I've had this print for years, all it needed was a good frame. Then it can be added to my floral art collection in the bathroom.

My husband made this shelf for me over 20 years ago, but the oak is no longer working for me (I have a lot of oak!) actually I may just change this out, I'm not sure I like having all this little stuff on display...I have a lot of little stuff! I think next weekend I need to clean out some things ;(

and Staples restocked their picture frames (actually these are called sign holders). I still have fifty five prints to frame.

I think I'll keep this one ;)


  1. Love those "sign holders", I've got to check them out.

  2. Love the vintage floral print, I was recently looking at some on ebay...yours is perfect...especially in it's new blue frame!
    Love, love, love the interiour prints as well...those are amazng!
    xo J~


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