Thursday, October 6, 2011

This & That

At this current time, I can't see my dining room table...too many projects. I also have a basement full of things "to do".

Like these...

I actually painted these months ago, I just need to recover the seats...not my favorite thing to do.

I did get this frame painted...

but now I need new glass because I can't get the crud off the glass edges.

I was so excited when I found this lampshade on Etsy...

I thought I could recreate this in a simpler form for my "new" old lamps.

Not liking this look...first, it's not done...I ran out of ribbon and can't find it anywhere and second, I'm having a hard time making the ribbon tight. So I'm putting this aside to revisit later (so I won't throw it out the window).

I did get something completed that I love...well, actually my artist daughter completed a project...

So no new projects for me until I can see my dining room table...and then maybe I should stick to painting furniture.


  1. Fun popurri!!! I have so many things going, I can't finish any of them enough to blog about them!!! I should so something like this post. The lampshade is really neat. You should do a post on just that project with a tutorial and link it around. You will get a lot of traffic for it.

  2. LOL the dining room table I use in my art studio is covered-up, too! *AND* I have a table I need to paint in my basement right now!!!

    Neat projects that you've posted here. J'adore the lamp!

    Ricki Jill


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