Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jen's Hutch

The hutch is finished! I wish I had a prettier place to photograph this, but it's six feet wide and over six and a half feet high, so the garage is where it's staying until pick up time.

Remember the "before"...

I was going to leave it this color and use a clear protective coating, but it lacked some warmth and character. I did a little experiment and it came out great. I decided in order to get just a hint of dark glaze I needed to thin it out. I use a water based product and just added more water, actually a lot more water. Then I rubbed the "dirty water" looking stuff all over the piece.

This is the table Jen and her little boy painted and the inspiration for the hutch color.


  1. That is going to look awesome next to that table. I love the fun color you used and I think that the glaze definitely gave it the "wow" factor.

  2. What a fun, bright colour!

    On another note, I have almost the exact same secretary desk to the right of the hutch in the second picture.

  3. Love the hutch, but I adore that table...what fun!

  4. ooh! So glad you showed the close up of the finish you put on this hutch! Love love the dark showing through due to the sanding. Just lovely. Don't leave that garage door open, someone (like me) might come by and take it before that gal has a chance!!!

  5. Hi from another Mainer. LOVE what you did with that hutch. I have a 80's hutch that is begging for some fun color. You have reminded me how much fun colorful paint can be. Thank you! :-)

  6. love love love that hutch!!! what's the name of that green?


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