Friday, October 21, 2011

New Finds

Shopping for the home is my favorite thing to do and my favorite places to shop use to be antique stores. Now I love thrift stores and it's amazing what great stuff can be found for so little money.

This is what I really wanted to post...

I was hoping to have this completed...just have a few things left to do, distressing, protective coating and hardware.

I love the apple green paint...big difference and maybe a little too much color for most people, but my friend Jen is an artist and this will look fabulous in her kitchen!


  1. Never!!! It's NEVER enough color!!!! LOL LOL LOL!!! Ya gotta post the final product too. Wow! Huge difference. I just post today a redo on a curbed nightstand that had a similiar 'before' finish. Have a great weekend Gayle!

  2. LOVING the green cabinet!

    I too am looking (and buying of course) at our local thrift stores more and more. Although our local antique stores aren't the "high end" kind, you certainly can find better deals at the thrift store!


  3. I love the color! I just finished a red hutch! I like seeing different stuff from time to time! Thanks!


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