Monday, October 10, 2011

Paint Inspiration

My dining room is now free of clutter! I spent the weekend organizing, not my favorite thing to do, but now I'm free to paint. I need to finish up some furniture projects in my basement and I thought I'd share some inspiration images...

I am loving the striped furniture I've been seeing in blogland, another favorite is the french two toned stuff!


  1. What inspiration!! I LOVE, LOVE the white chest with all the stripes on the drawers. I am working on a striped chest now and hope it turns out as cool as these are! Thanks for posting - jen

  2. Thanks for all the ideas! I've got an old sewing cabinet that I'm dying to paint...

  3. I have an old dresser that I have been dying to paint and I think I will step it up a notch and do some stripes or perhaps a diamond pattern! Thanks for the inspiration!


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