Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Room Reveal

My daughter Morgan's room is finished. The floors were the finishing touch. Morgan chose everything in the room from the peacock blue wall paint to the distressed looking floor boards, she created all the art, took all the photos and picked out all the furnishings and accessories.

We made the headboard with plywood, batting and chenille fabric attached to the wall

Jasper loves the bed

I found these vintage curtains at the Salvation Army and Morgan thought they would be perfect for her room.

I almost passed up this mirror with a broken frame and a gold finish. What a difference a little green spray paint can do.

We like how the floors turned out, but the real test will be how they wear. I should also mention these are not for the perfectionist (we used pennies as spacers where we could, but some of the spaces are wider than we like). I think I may use this idea in the guest room (currently my son's bedroom).


  1. My Compliments to both u and Morgan what teamwork it is an amazing room... KUDOS!!
    I love to many parts to call out lol can I move in??

  2. What an inviting space, I love all the beautiful color!! I'm glad you didn't pass on the mirror :)

  3. What wood did you use for this floor? We are going to do the same thing for our master bedroom, but unfortunately the tutorial you linked to is no longer available. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated! :)

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