Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Garden

The weekend was beautiful and we spent most of it outside planting flowers. I still have some holes to fill before I'm ready to take pictures.

I am surprised to find how much I enjoy gardening, it's a very physical and frustrating hobby. My hands and back ache and I spend way too much time figuring out what I want to buy for plants.

I like the look of this color coordinated garden

I find it a fun challenge to plant flowers according to height and bloom time. I have a ton of books with lists of what I should do, but I end up making my decisions at the nursery according to what catches my eye.

I found these gorgeous images at Traditional Home


  1. Would love to see your garden! It is so fun to garden!

  2. Dear Gayle
    Great pictures! When weather is nice, there is more pleasant hobby than gardening. Can be a little tire-economic but the result is satisfactory. I am glad that you spent a nice weekend.

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