Thursday, May 10, 2012


One of my favorite shopping haunts is closing;(
I'm a little bummed, since I only discovered this place a couple of months ago. The large inside flea market is located a couple of hours north of us in the town I grew up in. I could spend hours hunting for unique treasures at reasonable prices. So when we heard the "closing" news, we took one last shopping trip and here are some of my finds...

Vintage lamps (I love these things!) some need rewiring, they all need new shades and I may paint a couple.

This sweet set was a steal at $10

The color of this book collection caught my eye (aqua) and I like the miniature size.

I also bought a stack of vintage shutters, a couple of tables and some art that I'll pick up in a couple of weeks.

Luckily I still have my local thrift stores and I always manage to find a few things...

These oil paintings with fabulous frames were $20 each, more than I usually spend at Salvation Army, but I couldn't take the chance of someone else scooping them up before 1/2 off day.

These large scale candle holders just need a little paint.

I collect Italian alabaster trinket boxes, so I was thrilled to find this perfume in the color orange.

This is one of my newest collections, lacquered boxes, I find these things at Goodwill for less than $2 each.

I find the hardest thing with thrifting is the "editing" when almost everything you like has such an appealing price tag. My home can start to look like an antique store with way too many treasures. I have my antique booth that I fill with some of my finds, but some items are difficult to part with. Do other thrifty shoppers face this dilemma?


  1. Nice finds. The candlesticks would look great painted. Sorry one of your fave shopping spots is closing.

  2. I definitely have the same problem. It's so had to pass up unique interesting finds for mere pennies, even if you don't need one more thing! The frames are fantastic, that's one of my weaknesses, too.


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