Monday, April 30, 2012

Room Revamp

We had a busy weekend finishing up my daughter's bedroom. I promised her a while back we would rip out the ugly wall to wall carpet and put in wood floors. Have I ever mentioned I HATE carpet?! Nasty stuff...even though the room was regularly vacuumed, we had dust and dirt piles everywhere.

Morgan is an artist and her bedroom is her canvas. She has done a wonderful job putting her personal stamp on the room. So she was up to doing a little experiment on the flooring. Frugal Farmhouse Design had a "how to" post on installing plywood plank flooring. This is an inexpensive, easy way to get  the look of old worn wood floors.

We moved the furniture as we layed the floor...

after ripping out the carpet, we had to remove hundreds of staples...

The room is almost done and we'll have an entire room reveal next post.


  1. The floor looks fabulous! What a great and inexpensive way to get "hardwood"! Cannot wait to see the final reveal.


  2. I am working on my daughter's room this week too. I am also ripping up the rug and painting the floor. What a creative idea to use the plywood planks. I am going to show this to my husband. We have so much carpet to rip up throughout the house and can't afford hardwood floors right now. This may be a good alternative!

  3. Morgan's room looks fantastic!!! Y'all did a great job, and I think Morgan has excellent taste!

  4. Which quality of plywood did you use and what was its cost? Did you use the same adhesive and paint or something different? Did you change any of the procedures?


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