Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lamp Revamp

These lamps were such a fun project because everyone thought I was crazy for taking them home. I got them free from a barn clean out. I was attracted to the shape and quality. These are chalk ware and weigh a ton.

All the chips and cracks only add to the vintage look. I spray painted them with a satin cream color.

I know the shades are a little on the small size, I need to do some adjustments to make them sit lower. I really want them to work because the color is perfect and they only cost $16.99 at Target.

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  1. Perfect painting those lamps they look like they were made that way. Shades are costly so maybe a little fringe tacked on will help.

  2. Love the lamps and the shades. Yes, a shorter harp will make them work just fine. I think they are the right size just up too high. Thanks for linking up to Mod Mix Monday!

  3. Wow! They really lovely lamps. I like the way you recreated it. Cool!

  4. I would have even liked the lamps before you painted them. They are awesome!


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