Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Lately I have been having the best luck finding fun things at Goodwill. I have learned you need to shop often because it's such a "hit or miss" type of place. Two times a week I do a quick run in to check out what's new. I only buy things I have a plan for (I have way too much crap stuff).

My weakness is funky lamps. I plan on painting these in some bright color. The white bowl is Fire King, I know the jade-ite is highly collectible but the white would make a nice collection also (easier to find and cheaper).

I already have a stool similar to this one. I like the metal rod detail. The finish is really bad, so I'll need to paint this.

The rug stool is in great shape, but I think bright painted legs would take it up a notch.

The best part about all these great finds...the most expensive piece was $10.


  1. Wow, lucky finds! I have that same white bowl... plus many others :)

    LOVE those lamps... I can just see them painted a bright and cheery color!

    And I agree, I try to stop by my local thrift store at least once or twice a week...


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