Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

(My Mom sent me a box of assorted furniture knobs for Christmas)

Think of the possibilities!!

One week completed of 2012 and I am just now making a 2012 list of things "to do". I've been slow to get moving, it's been over a week since my last post and I have no excuses.

I want to share my "To Do" list in hopes this will motivate me into action.

#1. Den Redo. My husband works from home and his office is not working for him. This may sound like a fun project, but hubby is not an easy client and this will be a challenge.

#2 Start Design Business. I've talked about this, thought about it, agonized over it, now it's time to do it. I have worked as a designer in the past, even went to school for it, but I have never worked for myself. We moved to Maine six years ago and now I feel comfortable working on my own.

#3 Touch Up Painting. My walls are really starting to show some wear and tear and my past attempt to try to cover up marks with less then perfect matching paint is starting to bother me (my family has also mentioned this).

#4 Organize Work Space. My basement is where I do most of my furniture painting, but most of the time it is in complete disarray...this needs to change.

#5 Clean Out Attic. I don't know where all the stuff comes from, but we have almost completely filled the attic space over our two car garage.

#6 Fully Commit To My Flower Garden. I always start off the spring envisioning a beautiful front yard garden and about half way through the summer I loose steam.

#7 Take My Painted Furniture To The Next Step. I have sold some pieces over the last year and I paint furniture for a couple of local stores, but I would like to do more custom furniture painting.

This is the short list, but it should keep me busy and I will be thrilled to at least attempt these things by 2013.

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