Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lisa Corti

Lisa Corti is an artist born in Ethiopia now living in Italy. Her love of color and culture makes her fabric and ceramic designs rich and unique.

"Ask me about my work and I will tell you about my passion for colour, a love that has roots in far away lands, in my childhood in Africa. Women dressed in colour, only one colour, moved into the light as if gliding. Mysterious angels in cobalt pink, yellow, green, violet. I have always carried them within me. It seems incredible, yet that cobalt, that pink in the sun are something I thrive on. Then I discovered India. I found the essence once again in the sweet organza, the impalpable glossy coloured air, the fragment of a cloud to be touched and used. Pure colour that comes to life as substance, it is weightless and runs, cheerful and gentle, stopping at a central point. It winks and cannot be ignored. These are my tapestries.”


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