Thursday, January 19, 2012

White Vermont Cape

I am in love with this 1820's Vermont kitchen. The farmhouse sink, multiple windows and warm antique wood floors give this kitchen so much personality. I usually go for rooms with much more color, but I could live in this kitchen.

Kitchen Transformation traditional kitchen

Repurposing salvaged sink traditional kitchen

Repurposing a salvaged sink traditional kitchen

Kitchen transformation traditional kitchen

As much as I love color inside a home, I prefer a white outside. Maybe it's the contrast I find so appealing, but I like the simplicity of this white antique cape with a metal roof and front and back porches.
Exterior traditional exterior

Perfect Porch traditional porch

Connecting spaces upstairs traditional exterior

A sweet outdoor space traditional exterior

Hammock, Adirondack chairs, wicker rockers, this backyard is perfect!


  1. What a lovely home! You always post such good finds :) I'm particularily fond of this kitchen's sink and faucet.

  2. Love the kitchen! Reminds me of my great-uncle's home! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. OOOH I love this kitchen, it's gorgeous. I'll be pinning this!

  4. Any idea who makes that lovely sink?


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