Tuesday, August 13, 2013

John & Jason's Knick Knack Shack

I love these guys, designers John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon have the most fun, colorful, eclectic homes.

"My mother calls [this house] the ~Knick Knack Shack~ because I grew up with very Dakota Jackson-type furniture. This house has only been decorated for six years but you might think it’s been here for twenty years. I guess I like the way in Britain, they sometimes take [style] risks, you know, they’ll take granny’s sofa and do it up instead of buying a new sofa."

"We look at our house as a design laboratory, and we’re not necessarily imposing this on our clients. It’s a place for us to have fun. It’s like, Hey let’s wallpaper the ceiling in the dining room but let’s embellish it with Indian marriage rhinestones. It’s the not-bought-in-the-shop kind of look..."

See more pictures and read the interview at New York Social Diary

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