Thursday, August 29, 2013

Home for Sale

When we bought our "Vintage Farmhouse" over eight years ago, I thought this was our final home...alas things change.

Now our youngest is off to college and our home seems a little too big for us...never thought we would be downsizing, considering how I love to decorate and the amount of stuff I love to collect. I guess the need to simplify comes with age...I want a smaller home, less stuff, easier to maintain and more time and money to travel.

I still have mixed feelings, I love this home, but I'm ready for a new adventure...maybe next time we'll live in a vintage "Vintage Farmhouse".



  1. Gayle, your home is beautiful and will sell quickly, I'm sure. Moving is kind of hard even when you want to do it. We moved last year to be closer to family. It takes awhile for all the pieces to come together. :)

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