Sunday, August 11, 2013

Florida Cracker Style House

This Florida house looks old but is brand new, it's what they call a Cracker Style ( rustic vernacular wood-framed architecture built by Florida's early pioneers in the early 1900's) ~shelter from the sun & makes the most of ocean breezes~.
"When Jim Strickland, founder at Historical Concepts, and his wife, his sister and her husband built this vacation home in WaterColor, Florida, their focus was on creating relaxed family beach traditions in a house that honored the region's unique architectural history. The house was designed by Strickland, and the intention was to create an unassuming home with the casual feel of a fishing camp. He was inspired by the indigenous architecture of the region, most notably the simple and historic."



  1. LOVE this warm and comfy! Blessings~~~Roxie

  2. Our house in New Jersey is on the market and my husband and I want to build a Cracker style home like this on the west coast of Florida. We are looking to build a one story plus cupola, approx 2.000 sq. ft. We wonder what it will cost per square foot to build a structure such as this. I love the history behind the structure, it's such a cool vibe. Is there a builder in the area constructing homes like these? Jean


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