Friday, February 3, 2012

More Stripes

I like stripes and I think they look great on this vintage dresser... with very little going for it other than those cute little legs with wheels.  I've rolled this into the shop and it's for sale, actually all my striped furniture I've painted is for sale. I'll now be painting stripes on something I don't plan to sell!

Sorry about the glare, but I'm happy whenever I remember to take a "before" picture and those bright eyes belong to Jasper. Jasper is our very vocal four legged family member and yes his eyes are usually huge.


  1. Love how that dresser turned out. Looks like the stripes had been there forever. Good luck with your new venture!

  2. Ahaha, I love how animals always manage to "photobomb".

    I'm fond of castors on dressers!


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