Monday, June 27, 2011

Outside Again

After nearly a week of rain, the sun has come back out...and my flowers a doing marvellous.

The hydrangeas are almost ready to bloom

The little furry ones are also enjoying the sun...


  1. Isn't it fun when you can sit out in the warm sunshine and just enjoy!

  2. Your porch looks so inviting! It is no wonder your gorgeous pets are basking there in the sunshine! I love that book and your vintage finds too! X

  3. I love my furry friends. Loved seeing yours all happy in the sunshine.:)

  4. Everything looks so lush and green. Everything here in AZ is super-dry & SUPER-HOT, 113-115 the last several days. Your fur-babies are definitely enjoying the sunshine. I have an almost all-white kitty, too. Abby has red ears, though. Thanks so much for following my blog, & I know I will enjoy following yours.


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