Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Marble Top Table

This side table needed some help, the marble is beautiful but the stand had a very bad white paint job. I thought instead of sanding the white away, I would just sand the rough spots and paint over it. My favorite thing to do with these revamped pieces is to distress. I never know the outcome...sometimes a little is good and sometimes a piece really needs to be worked on.

This time I ended up removing A LOT of the blue top coat...I like the extreme distressing. It looks like it will start peeling, but I put a sealer on it. I also painted the cute hardware black (hard to see the before).

I think "Tillie" is a good name...


  1. Great name and great job! Scar;ett x

  2. Wow, you did distress her a lot! She fits right into the old farmhouse I bet!
    Great job!

  3. Tillie is beautiful! I have a thing for marble top tables...although I don't have one yet, I do have a marble top that has been waiting for it's 'bottom'...Tillie will be a great inspiration...you've done a wonderful job and she must be thrilled to now be so well loved and cared for!
    xo J~


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