Monday, April 4, 2011

Step it up!!

I love looking at people's blogs. Every time I see a home that makes me go "Wow!" I add it to my blog list and lately I have been adding a lot.

I thought my home was looking pretty good, but now I realize, I need to step it up. This is a good thing! I have so many new ideas, most of them budget friendly (thank you fellow bloggers). I am having so much fun and I am excited to reveal all the changes...

I have decided to take it a room at a time. Actually I love a couple of rooms in my home , but a couple could use a little something...

Dining Room


(Recent Update-Stripes)

A few Things I might be changing...


I love wallpaper, especially floral with a black background.

Now that I have discovered painting furniture, something needs painting.

A fabulous antique clock would look marvelous.

Every room could use a vase of fresh flowers.

I have no idea when I'll be able to complete this, remember I have budget and a husband I have to work with, but as soon as it's done you will be the first to see!


  1. OMGoodness, your dining room is *gorgeous* :D I love your striped walls, and the chandelier is so, so pretty! I like your plates and prints, too. How do you want to paint your server?

  2. I LOVE the stripes in your dining room! They look great! xo Caroline

  3. Decorating is such fun! You already have a gorgeous home.... and you can now enjoy making it even more lovely! X

  4. Stripes look great in ypur diningroom. I am your lastest follower, looking forward to more posts. Diane

  5. Yeah a husband and a budget can put a serious crimp in a girls style! LOL!!


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