Wednesday, April 27, 2011

No White Walls!

I love color! So I have a "no white wall" rule.

Actually, we spent so many years moving around (my husband spent 20 years in the US Air Force) and living in rentals with white walls, that now I love living with colorful walls.

(all images Better Homes & Gardens)

One thing that makes all this color look really great...

White woodwork!


  1. I am with you! I love color on my walls, the happier the color the better I feel in the space.

  2. Color and I have long been avoiding each other I just haven't gotten there yet.(oh how I wish)

  3. I agree with you, white walls should be banned. I love color on the walls too.

  4. I love all of these pictures. I wish I could be BOLD with color, but I seem to drift towards more tinted colors than saturated hues. Totally agree about white woodwork - it's a must!


  5. I like colorful walls only if there is a lot of bright white woodwork! Then I think there is nothing prettier!!!


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