Saturday, October 3, 2015


The New York Times featured the Bohemian home of Ian and Emilie Irving. I love the colorful and eclectic assortment of collectables surrounded by a simple white background.

"The house’s plain facade hides an interior that is at once urbane and bohemian, combining the informal lines of an American farmhouse with the most inviting elements of a charming English place, including an idyllic garden. Theirs is an effortless mix, the kind of style that only people with truly great taste can pull off. Ian, a prominent dealer of rare silver, and Emilie, who sells antique ethnic textiles, costumes and jewelry, have been slowly transforming the modest house over the past five years with objects, furniture and fabrics they’ve collected together, and some that they’ve culled from previous lives. Judging from the detritus on their lawn, even their throwaways are chic."

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