Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Greg Irvine...Collector

 "This is not the home of a hoarder.  Greg’s collections are tightly controlled.  The rule is ‘if I can’t display it, I don’t own it’ – he’s not interested in simply amassing things and squirrelling them away.  Each collection is carefully considered, and artfully displayed.  To Greg, they are installations – curated, and meticulously well kept...For Greg, collecting is an extension of his artwork."

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Mary Randolph Carter

New York-based writer and editor Mary Randolph Carter worked her way through a number of positions in publishing -- including beauty and health editor at Mademoiselle and creative director at Self . These days, Carter is senior vice-president of publishing for Polo Ralph Lauren. 

Her home is an Americana fantasy packed with enough antiques, oddities, and memorabilia from her insanely rich story to fill a museum. As she says, “I’ve never stopped to think if I felt like I needed it. It’s not a matter of need; it’s a matter of what is going to have personal meaning to me.” Her style, too, is about layering, white shirts and chinos, and vintage everything from coats, sweaters and vests, to vintage hats, Frye boots and jewelry. 

Some of the books MRC has written (she has written eight);

I love her funky, fun, fabulous style. She does what I strive to do... 
dress for personal expression with unique fashion.

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