Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Office Redo

We have started the office redo, and I have one piece of furniture completed.

This Drexel campaign dresser was in bad shape. The revamp was an easy fix, once I removed all that hardware. High gloss spray paint covered all the years of wear.

We will paint the bookcase white and add molding to make it part of the architecture. I still have not decided on the floor...I'm thinking of laying carpet tiles.

The desk is almost ready and I've been collecting lots of fun accessories. The room is taking longer than expected but I'm anxious to get this completed...hubby needs a completed office!


  1. The dresser is a great glossy blue! I think the Flor tiles are a fun idea too. :)

  2. I have been searching for the elusive campaign dresser for eons - no luck!!! Oh how I adore your beautiful blue one and wish it were mine! And I love Flor tiles - so many great choices.

  3. Excellent job on this office redo! Love the painted cabinet! Looks very modern! I'm currently redoing my office so loving these ideas.

  4. Good luck with your project! And fantastic renovation of that dresser!


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