Saturday, March 31, 2012

Floral Wall Art

 I have been collecting floral wall art for years. I use to have it spread around the house, but after a while my look has changed and I no longer want flowers every where. I now have most of the flowers in the downstairs guest bathroom.

The print below was found in bad shape. The picture was stained and the frame broken. I cut the image out, Mod Podged it onto a decorative paper and added a painted frame.

I have 9' ceilings and I want the art to go to the ceiling.

I found the oil painting below at the flea market. The gold frame looked cheap and made the piece a little "velvet Elvis" feeling. I removed the frame to paint it and decided I really liked the frame less look.

As much as I try to keep the florals limited to the guest bath they do show up in  other rooms, these are oil paintings and I like this little collage in the living room.

Almost all my wall art is thrift store finds. Oil paintings are my favorite and I rarely pay more than $20 for a piece.


  1. I love collections. Original oil paintings of flowers fit so well in a cottage or farmhouse decor. They look great, Gayle!

  2. What an amazing collection you have gathered together. I agree that flower oil painting looks more modern without a frame. I've found two original paintings (one watercolour and one oil) at the thrift shop and I got them both for very cheap - one for free and one for a few dollars. I'm collecting better frames for them and then will put them up in a gallery wall with other pieces of art.


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