Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1802 Brick Federal in New York

This 1802 brick federal home is up for sale. The place is full of beautiful antiques and it is a bit on the formal side. Even if you don't care for the decor, look at those gorgeous floors, curving stairs, fireplaces, chandeliers... I love the colors and the bathrooms are over the top decorated.


  1. Beautiful house! I could certainly have fun in a house like that... I agree it's a bit formal for myself but I could make it much more casual... I think. Is it just me or is that one shot of a tub/shower with a shutter really small and awkward?


  2. We are the proud owners of this beautiful house. And yes, the shower/tub is a bit awkward to get in but very spacious inside. Huge tub with 11 ft ceilings. :)
    We are a family living in this home and we have made it casual and it is still beautiful.


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