Sunday, May 22, 2011

Suzy Stout

I am a little obsessed with this room! I love everything about it, the white board ceiling, antique wood floors, french doors, green walls, tons of accessories and a variety of furniture, zebra rug, chandelier, lamps...

This is the home of Suzy Stout, if you read Traditional Home magazine you've most likely seen her home. To see more of this gorgeous home check out 5th and State, and one more thing, it's FOR SALE!


  1. Hi Could you please tell me the color of your green walls and also the white beam ceiling. Thank you!! Jenny

  2. Your home is beyond beautiful.....I am sitting here looking at all of the gorgeous rooms with the issue of the May,1993 issue of Traditional Home on my desk...they featured your dining room on the cover and I had tried to create that feel into my own dining room....I save many special issues of magazines and that had been one of my favorites...It featured your beautiful home back then in the Chicago area....

    Love, love visiting the Camden area and the Acadia National Park area...gorgeous country....I am a new and very happy follower!!


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