Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lynn von Kersting

Lynn von Kersting is one of my favorite designers. This Los Angeles designer has a very distinct look, her homes are filled with cheerful colors and bold patterns-red and turquoise hues are always present with leopard prints, stripes and vintage florals. Antiques from around the world, French furniture, Moroccan accessories and Chinese silk unite to emphasize a sense of glamour.
Inspired by the garden, Lynn infuses rooms with brilliant blooms indoors on fabrics and art as well as with actual blossoms. Comfortable seating is always available, providing a quiet spot to read a book, write a letter, or enjoy the view of the garden. When accessorizing, Von Kersting looks no farther than the homeowner's diverse collections and souvenirs. Vietnamese garden hats, Chinese baskets and French gilded mirrors combine to create sentimental touches that give a room character to match the homeowner's personality.

Lynn von Kerstings home boutique Indigo Seas and Ivy restaurants are very well known popular places in the LA area and are on top of my ~Places to Someday Visit~ list


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  1. Lynn's place is equivalent to what technicolor is to the movies. Her dreams of 4 decades ago are alive today! ................ R L Nairin, CPA


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